By committing to a life of hard work and striving to achieve his goals, Sebastian Guthery has earned every bit of the success that has come his way. He is a serial entrepreneur with an established track record of success, founding several businesses with millions of dollars in revenue. Some of the many firms he has taken part in include Indoor Tanning Lotion LLC, Luxury Car Rentals LLC, Hemplogica, and Guthery Investments LLC. Sebastian lives and works in the greater San Diego metropolitan region of California.

sebastian guthery fun with friendsSebastian wasted no time entering the business world. Growing up in Wichita, Kansas, he wanted to attend summer church camp but didn’t have the funds necessary to do so. He borrowed money – the sum of $250 — from his mother to establish his first business. Even at the age of 10, he knew he had a success on his hands. He was quickly able to earn enough to attend summer camp, pay his mother back, and turn a profit. Thrilled with this initial business success, he fervently sought out new opportunities.

Entering his teenage years, he hit upon the next business opportunity. Establishing The Tanning Shack in the town of Augusta, Kansas, Sebastian created a lucrative tanning lotion distribution chain along with a full-service tanning salon operation. With clients from around the Midwest, the business was a smashing success. He sold his interest in the company in 2011 to provide more attention to other ventures he had established along the way.

Sebastian is known by his peers to have above-average professional knowledge in real estate, skin care, investing, botanicals, natural health, and philanthropy. 

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Real Estate

In early 2017, Sebastian purchased his first significant piece of real estate. As noted on, he purchased the former school into affordable housing for the community of Witchita. He has high hopes for many more real estate investment opportunities to cross his path.

Skin Care

Aside from founding companies such as Indoor Tanning Lotion LLC, Sebastian is passionate to provide healthy, natural skincare products that leave you looking and feeling your best. He hopes to announce more skin care projects in the near future.


Investing became a hobby in the early 2010s for Sebastian, and turned professional in 2015. His current interest is in oil but has stated he has interests to expand his investing efforts through his personal firm Guthery Investments LLC. 


He is a sales, operational, and environmental expert in botanicals.

Natural Health

Natural health opportunities greatly interest Sebastian and he has built several businesses around natural solutions for health.


Hemplogica provides free CBD gummies to help children with seizures with every purchase on the websites.

Botanical Retail, Distribution, and Advocacy

As a serial entrepreneur, Sebastian is known for leveraging his talents in starting businesses and watching them grow exponentially. In 2004, he started several businesses, including a digital advertising agency and the company known as Edens Ethnos. Since those early days in 2004, Edens Ethnos has become the leading online retailer and distributor of kratom. Kratom is a natural plant product developed from an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. By providing the highest-quality products and conducting rigorous quality assurance testing on his products, Edens Ethnos has dominated in their niche.

He also knew that efforts to curtail the importation of kratom would affect not only his business but the herbal community at large. Faced with increased scrutiny by government agencies like the DEA, the future of kratom in the U.S. hung in the balance. He started an advocacy group called the United Kratom Association (UKA) not long after Kratom-K was formed.

The UKA has worked with other organizations and herbal enthusiasts across the United States to fight against proposed bans on the importation and availability of kratom products. In addition to providing a powerful lobbying voice against bans and restrictions on kratom, the UKA has generated funding for further scientific research into the kratom plant, its chemical properties, and its pharmacological applications.

Sebastian is dedicated to helping people continue unfettered access to kratom; his company and his advocacy organization work day and night to protect the herbal community and kratom users with education, support, and high-quality products.

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